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I’m going to give it to you straight, we don’t wanna run advertisements just as badly as you don’t wanna see them but that’s just how it goes. However if you wanna help remove advertisements from this website permanently you can do so by donating to the bitcoin wallet below, and in return we’ll bless your trap with some incredible things.

BTC Wallet: 39EaesnJGSLGC4HhJ3oUGCd2sDxLLeST6Q

When you donate more then 5.00$ USD to the btc wallet above you’ll be able to permanently remove advertisements on our website for the remainder of the time you use our web page, this includes Linkshrink, Popunders, Popups, Banner advertisements, and much more. You’ll be given an account, in order to redeem your account please send the ID in which you made the payment with to the email below.

Contact This Email: [email protected]

After doing so you’ll be generated an account on our platform after confirmation of your donation, this account will come with a response to your email which includes an indebth tutorial on how to use your account, what you’ll be able to do with your account. Not to mention this will mean that any future album requests you have will be fulfilled provided we’re able to do so.

I’d like to personally thank you for taking the time to read over this, and if you decide to donate.